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Get involved in the battle against eating disorders

How can we all be advocates of eating disorder recovery?

We encourage you and your family members to also be advocates of eating disorder recovery. The Empowered Eating Team participants in numerous awareness events and activism including these listed below.

Community Outreach

Alex Raymond and Bobbi Boteler can often be seen speaking at local schools and Universities speaking on:

  • Health at Every Size
  • Weight Stigma

Contact Alex and Bobbi to speak at your next event at admin@empoweredeatingblog.com.


Training Health Professionals 

  • Alex trains mental health professionals on working with clients with eating disorders
  • Rebecca trains dietitians to work with clients with eating disorders

Empowering Loved Ones

  • Monthly Support Groups for loved ones
  • Workshops for Skill building and support for caregivers involved in eating disorder recovery

Awareness Walks and Fundraising

  • Join us at local National Eating Disorder (NEDA) walks
  • Participate in National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) walks

Eating Disorder Conferences and Events

  • Meet us at regional eating disorder conferences open to the public
  • Lobby with us on national advocacy day

Free Support Groups

We also offer regularly scheduled client and family support groups.

Here is our own Bobbi Boteler with Kathleen MacDonald the policy director from the Eating Disorders Coalition (EDC).

Empowered Eating Involvement

Each of these volunteer positions help increase awareness and best treatment practices of eating disorders. We also offer weekly client and monthly family support group meetings in our Columbia Office location and meal support groups twice monthly in our Greenbelt office.

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