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Instagram and Mental Health

By Caroline Best, Student Intern Instagram is such a huge part of our culture. There’s no way around it. I can guarantee you know at least one person with an account.  This popular app is used for photo sharing. Newsfeeds filled with photos from family, friends,...

The Weight Inclusive Approach

By Alex Raymond, RD,LD and Caroline Best, Student Intern I am an eating disorder (ED), non-diet dietitian. And I absolutely advocate for using the Weight Inclusive method of practice. What is this method? Why do  align myself with it?  Well, I became a dietitian to...

Self Care During Long Days in the Office

Tips for Self-Care During Long Work Days I think for any healthcare provider who is seeing clients back to back for up to 12 hours in a day (not to include my 1+ hour commute on a good day one way) is something many people struggle with managing.  We’re human. ...

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