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Happy fall!

The holidays are one of my favorite times of year. I love snuggling into a blanket and sipping on hot chocolate (or a chocolate peppermint latte).  I was thinking about the change in weather and how this typically follows a changing the clothes in your closet as well. I’m personally a HUGE fan of fall and winter clothing. Even though I don’t like the cold, I do love wearing sweaters. And it got me thinking about how important it is to wear clothes that truly make you feel comfortable.

Think about your favorite clothing item for a second. Mine is a really comfortable sweater that is incredibly fuzzy. 

Pulling it out of my closet makes me so excited. Which means I am SO happy the weather is started to get a bit chillier. I can finally wear it 🙂 But, in diet culture, we’re taught that it’s important to fit into smaller clothing. And that after a certain point, it’s bad to grow out of clothing. How many of us have kept jeans from a period of time when we were smaller? Perhaps they were our favorite pair of jeans. And we keep them in hopes of eventually being able to fit into them again. Even though they are uncomfortable to wear as our bodies are now, we wouldn’t imagine ever throwing them out. Why?

In diet culture, it’s a symbol of success to shrink your body to fit into those jeans again. And it’s so easy for us to fall for that.

I get it. It can be super challenging to get rid of old clothes and buy new ones. Buying bigger clothes is often mixed with a sense of shame and failure for most of us, especially if you are living life in a larger body. It’s hardly ever talked about how our bodies are actually supposed to change over the course of a lifetime. Weight gain is totally normal and healthy. Here are some things to think about if you’re trying to make peace with your body and clothing:

1. Throw out (or donate) clothes that don’t fit.

Clean out your closet. Although difficult, it can be really liberating to ditch the clothes that don’t fit anymore. One of my favorite quotes is “I grew out of my jeans and instead of waging war on myself I bought new jeans because it’s okay that my body is changing.” There are so many other things to put your life’s energy into.

2.Buy new clothes.

Little by little restock your closet with clothes that you love and feel comfortable with wearing. Sometimes it can be a hassle to head to the mall, spend money and time to choose some outfits. In the long run, it’ll be worth it to live life in comfortable clothing.

Remind yourself, your body (and its size) does not define your worth. Despite what diet culture tells us, we are SO much more than our bodies.

I recognize I am writing this post based on my experience living life in a smaller/able-bodied body. And finding peace with wearing certain clothes and body size is a different journey for each person based on their own personal life experience.

To wrap it up……

Clothing is part of our routine ( we put it on daily, wear it daily, etct.) and it can impact how we feel as we go throughout our days. My final input is think about the clothing that makes you feel good.  That makes you feel comfortable. And empowered. Ditch any item that makes you feel the opposite.And lastly,  enjoy your favorite cold weather sweater 🙂

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