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Empowered Eating Recovery Stories: Parents Perspectives


The road to recovery from an eating disorder is typically not one that our clients go down alone. Most overcome an eating disorder with the support and assistance of their families. In this post, I’d like to share with you the experiences and perspectives of some of our Empowered Eating parents as their children have successfully undergone treatment.


There are times in your life when simply knowing you’re not alone provides immeasurable comfort and hope.  Bobbi was there for our daughter and there for us as our beautiful little girl fought her way back from an eating disorder. She gave my daughter strength when her own had escaped her; and cheered the victories that gave way to her regained confidence and food independence. As my daughter determinedly leaves anorexia behind and looks forward to college and an amazing career, we will be forever grateful to Bobbi for having been our teacher, counselor and friend. – Colleen


I dropped off my daughter at college this week – an emotional moment for any parent, but even more so for me – a year ago I was worried that my girl would not be healthy enough to go off to school.  She had been diagnosed with anorexia after numerous and confusing visits with her pediatrician. It was a new unfamiliar world for our family, full of catch words and concepts quite foreign to us. I read so many books that I joked that I could write my PhD on the topic.  Still, I felt adrift and alone – worried that I did not have the ability to help my daughter. We started with a psychiatrist who recommended hospitalization and re-feeding.  While we were struggling with this he also recommended a therapist for counseling.  From here we learned about the “team approach ” to coping with anorexia.  Our therapist recommended Rebecca Bitzer for nutritional counseling. Suddenly I had the tools to help my daughter:  a therapist and a dietitian that my daughter both trusted and respected.

I have to tell you that the road to recovery is indeed an upward spiral.  It has not been an easy year in fact it has been perhaps the hardest year of my life. In the darkest days of the past year, I lived for the updates I got from my daughter’s team. Rebecca always called me in at the end of my daughter’s sessions and together we all three would go over the week’s goals, highlighting the triumphs of the past week and underscoring where we needed improvement. I was always given my personal “tasks”, what my daughter deemed would be helpful from me for a successful week. Again, in this new world of eating disorders, I needed things clearly spelled out to me, and I was relieved that Rebecca did just that. I know that the next year will not be easy, that it will continue to have challenges as my daughter adjusts to the stresses of college, but I am grateful that she is there facing those challenges with the help of her “team.”


The staff at Empowered Eating is amazing. When my daughter was in crisis mode with her eating disorder,Empowered Eating accepted her as a new patient immediately. Bobbi Boteler’s knowledge, kindness and approach to eating disorders have not only helped my teenage daughter succeed in her struggle for recovery but our family as a whole. The connection that my daughter has with Bobbi is priceless. I truly believe that without Bobbi, my daughter’s recovery process would not be as successful as it has been.


When our daughter returned home from her first year of college, it was apparent she was struggling with eating and nutrition. She had lost weight and was eating overly healthily.  Empowered Eating came so highly recommended by a co-worker that I called. We were able to get an appointment immediately and Rebecca has been wonderful in helping our daughter change her relationship with food…putting the fun back in eating!


If you or a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, please contact Empowered Eating. We would love to help you start your journey to recovery.


Note: This blog was edited and re-posted from September 19, 2012.

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