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Klara KnezevicKlara Knezevic RD, LD

Empowered Eating Dietitian

Klara is a Registered Dietitian who works with clients who want to feel better about themselves and improve their relationship with food.  She specializes in anorexia, orthorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder. Klara works tirelessly to stay on top of current research and to help clients find the individualized approach right for them, to help them achieve and maintain recovery.

Klara also works with children with autism as well as their families to help reduce stress during mealtimes and ensuring that your child has the nutrition they need to continue to grow.

Klara runs supports groups in both Greenbelt and Columbia, Maryland, as well as running an Empowered Dining, a meal support group offered by Empowered Eating. She works with clients in a stable environment to help them conquer food fears and re-build a healthy relationship with food as well as their bodies. Klara is also available to provide meal and nutrition support for families who are looking to improve their health while helping support the recovery of their loved ones and can provide training to family members to set up a recovery focused environment for mealtime.  Klara will also work with you and provide tips for cooking and preparing nurturing meals for you and your family.

During Empowered Dining, you…

  • Can set and achieve realistic recovery goals in a supportive and positive atmosphere
  • Will discuss the concepts of mindful and intuitive eating and how they can be applied in your everyday life
  • Can keep the recovery momentum going to help you stay motivated, improve your relationship with food and yourself, and nourish your mind and body.

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