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Intensive Nutrition Intervention

Empowered Eating Digestive Track: Intensive Nutrition Intervention for Digestive Disorders

This is an ideal program for those who are serious about their commitment to finding freedom from digestive difficulties with the utilizing the power of nutrition.

We can make a greater difference in your life by working closely with you through this program to break free from the life- limiting symptoms of gas, pain, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. We will help you find and implement the tools that will help you reclaim your life from these painful symptoms and redefine your relationship with food to ultimately bring food back into your life as an enjoyable pleasure, not as a culprit for digestive struggles. This individualized program is appropriate for you at any stage whether you have just started with digestive symptoms recently or have spent years trying to figure out a solution, but it is especially for you if you are ready to find better ways to deal with the struggles of eating and want to spend less energy worrying about food.

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This individualized process includes:

  • Consultations with Dana Magee (face to face, phone or Skype)—usually weekly
  • Sessions will include all things related to food and nutrition with a compassionate approach which may include:
    • Implementation of elimination protocol such as Low FODMAP’s or LEAP
  • Coordination of professional services with other team members (physician, gastroenterologist, therapist, psychiatrist, coach, etc)
  • Family support
  • Mediated Response Test (MRT) and LEAP protocol (optional)
  • Interpretation of Spectracell testing (optional)
  • Interpretation of GI Effects Comprehensive Stool testing (optional)
  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) measurement (optional)
  • Individualized meal planning and fine-tuning
  • Evaluation of food diary
  • Vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplement recommendations
  • Email and text support
  • Hands on activities including: restaurant meals – these are “dutch treat” and count as two sessions, individual grocery tours and pantry makeovers
  • Support groups
  • Newsletters on Empowered Eating (also Facebook Fan page, Pinterest and Twitter updates with information and inspiration)
  • Homework assignments: goal setting and weekly challenges targeted to help you advance in your journey to wellness

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